How to Regrip a Baseball Bat? 3 Easy Steps

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Are you looking for a guide that provides comprehensive but easy-to-follow instructions on how to regrip a baseball bat? You’ve arrived at the right place! 

Every baseball player has that one bat, which cannot ever be replaced. Imagine your favorite baseball bat – the one you played your first game with, the one that’s your lucky bat, or the one that’s a prized gift. If you’ve been playing ball for a long time, chances are your favorite bat is old and worn out. You may think it’s done for, but don’t lose hope just yet! 

Baseball bats are expensive, and you cannot replace one every few months. Regripping a bat can do wonders, and we are here to tell you how to go about it! We are going to look at all the steps of regripping your savable baseball bat. 

What Does Regripping a Baseball Bat Mean?

Regripping a baseball bat means wrapping the handle of a baseball bat in tape or handle skin to allow a better “grip.”  Baseball players wrap tape or baseball bat skin around the handle of their baseball bats so the bat does not slip when they are playing. Skins and tapes can wear out with use, so we remove the old tape and put on a new one – this is called regripping a baseball bat. 

Step 1: Choose the Material

You can wrap your baseball bat in a variety of skins and tapes. The skins can vary in design, color, thickness, and material. Although choosing a skin is a personal preference, if you haven’t tried the sizes, make sure to wrap it on a bat without the adhesive to see which one sits right with your hand. 

One of the popular options is lizard skin; they can be used for regripping wooden bats. Lizard skin comes in multiple thicknesses, like 1.8 mm, 1.1mm, and 0.5mm. Moreover, they also have multiple colors and patterns, so you have a wider range to choose from and make your bat more colorful. However, they are costly as compared to regripping tape. 

Tape is also an alternative to use for regripping a baseball bat. Tapes come in multiple sizes; however, it doesn’t vary in thickness, and the colors are also very limited. It is a cheap alternative that will last you multiple games before you need a redo.

After you have selected your material, it’s time to prepare your baseball bat for regripping. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Baseball Bat 

The next step is to prep the baseball bat for regripping. Put your bat on a flat surface, either a table or a shelf. Place a towel or a rag underneath to catch any residue and fallen pieces. Make sure that it’s above ground so you can easily work on it. 

Mark your baseball bat with a pen where the previous skin is, and draw a line. Now, take a utility knife and cut the remaining skin on the bat. Make sure to take safety measures while using the knife. Make a cut on the line and peel all the skin off; sometimes, the skin has layers, so make sure that all the tape is completely off before you move on to the next step. 

After the skin is off, wipe the bat grip with residue cleaner and scrub any remaining glue from the bat using a rag. This step is crucial because the cleaner the bat, the more long-lasting the new grip will be. Therefore, take your time in this step. Once the skin is off and cleaned, the bat is ready for regripping

Step 3: Regrip Your Bat 

Method 1: Regripping The Baseball Bat with Lizard Skin

To regrip your bat with lizard skin, keep your bat in between your legs vertically while sitting on a chair. Make sure that it is tight between the knees so the bat doesn’t move around. 

Once the bat is in place, put the pre-wrapping on. Slowly expose the tape from the end and place it on the bat. Instead of moving the tape, slowly twist the bat so the tape is wrapped around it tightly. Peel the adhesive little by little and keep rotating the bat until there is a layer of pre-wrap. Make sure that there is some overlap. Let it go all the way down to the top of the barrel. Secure it with electrical tape. 

Now, take your lizard skin wrap and put it on the bat just like you did the tape. For extra security, use electrical tape at the end and cover it up again with lizard skin. 

Method 2: Regripping Baseball Bat with Tape

While the wrapping technique is almost the same, regripping a bat with tape is much simpler. After you’ve cleaned the bat, use either a ¾” double-sided tape or a 2″ double-sided grip tape. It is a multipurpose tape that will last longer. 

Start just below the knob and twist the bat around; once it reaches the end of the shaft, cut the tape and secure both the top and the bottom of the taping with some electrical tape. Repeat the process if you want the gripping to be thick. 

Finishing Touches

It is important to not skip this step. To make the regripping last longer and to increase the life of your bat as well, use a mineral spirit. Apply it around the top of the shaft to make sure it goes inside any small pockets of air if any were formed. Clean up with a rag to make sure it’s not sticky. 

Now your baseball bat is regripped and ready to be used! 

Regripping A Baseball Bat – Tips and Techniques 

Regardless of the material you choose, it’s important to make sure your technique is right to make the skin last longer. Place the bat vertically between your knees while sitting on a chair. Make sure it is placed tightly and doesn’t move around a lot. 

There are some general rules to follow to make it last long. These are:

  • The tape should overlap just a little bit; if the tape comes with backing, make sure not to take it off completely before wrapping. 
  • Slowly expose the adhesive as you move the bat around. Make sure that more ends are pre-tapered so that it’s easy to work with. 
  • Lastly, make sure you have all the supplies you need in your hands reach so you don’t have to get up repeatedly and disrupt the taping. 

Conclusion for How to Regrip a Baseball Bat? 3 Easy Steps

Regripping a bat is a pretty straightforward process = you can improve your technique with patience and practice. You may choose between skin or tape, but the technique is what will make your grip last longer. 

Make sure to clean the bat beforehand, and put the tape tightly around the bat to make it last longer. Regripping your bat doesn’t only save you money, but it also helps you salvage the most out of your favorite baseball bat. It might take you a few tries to understand your preferred thickness, size, length, and even color, but once you find your groove, you won’t go back! 


Is regripping a baseball bat difficult? 

Regripping a baseball bat is not difficult, although it does require some patience and practice. Make sure to rotate the bat instead of rotating the tape, and put electrical tape to secure the wrap in place. 

How to regrip baseball bat for left-handed people? 

Instead of starting from the top, under the knob, start from the bottom of the shaft above the barrel and move in clockwise direction. It is preferred to use a thicker material for left-handed people.

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