Home Run Delivery: How to Ship A Baseball Bat

If you have even the slightest interest in sports, you must be aware of baseball, a sport that is the defacto favorite pastime of the United States. The total revenue of Major League Baseball (MLB) was estimated to be USD 10.32 billion. Therefore, it’s not surprising that baseball bats are in high demand. In 2021, Americans purchased baseball bats worth USD 375 million, and a sizeable chunk of these sales was online purchases. Online baseball bat retailers have cropped up all over the states to satisfy the growing demand, but shipping a baseball bat is no small feat. This article is for all businesses and individuals wondering how to ship a baseball bat safely. Let’s get started! 

What Do You Need to Ship A Baseball Bat? 

Shipping requires certain conditions to be fulfilled, like packing a baseball bat, taking it to the shipping center, and booking the shipment. This blog will talk about all these things in detail. Moreover, it also contains answers to a few of the frequently asked questions.

Before packing the baseball bat, first of all, ensure that your bat is clean, dry, and free of dust and dirt. Then go and collect some necessary materials, which include;

  • Scissors
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • A durable shipping box or a tough mailing tube
  • A scale to weigh the package

How to Ship A Baseball Bat: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Wrap the Baseball Bat Carefully

If you want your baseball to reach its destination without any harm, properly wrap it in bubble wrap. Wrap the entire bat in bubble wrap once, secure the packing with tape, and then wrap it in bubble wrap once more to ensure maximum protection. 

Step 2: Choose the Right Box

Choose the right shipping box size. If the box is too big, your bat will roll around the box, increasing the chances of damage. If the box is too small, forcing the bat to fit can also cause damage. Therefore, get a box that’s exactly the right size. The cardboard mailing tube is perfect for shipping baseball bats; it has a cylindrical shape and is made of durable material. If you don’t have these available, you may choose a narrow, long-shaped shipping box.

Step 3: Pack the Bat in the Box 

Now, put the bubble-wrapped baseball bat inside the shipping box, making sure that it fits properly. If there are any gaps left on the sides, fill them with packing material so that your bat does not move during shipment.

Step 4: Cover the Container

After packing, it is now time to seal the box. Make sure you tape the box correctly; all openings must be secured with strong tape. 

Step 5: Weigh and Label the Package

Paste the shipping label with the return address and the recipient’s address. Now, measure the weight of the package and note down the measurements to get an idea of the shipping charges.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Baseball Bat?

Shipping fee depends on a number of factors, like destination, the weight of the parcel, the dimensions, and most importantly, the shipping service you choose. Usually, the cost varies from $20 to $50, but it could be higher for international cargo or advanced deliveries. It is being recorded that the average weight of a baseball bat is about 3 pounds. 

Baseball Bat Shipping Box

Whether you are a small company shipping baseball bats to online customers or sending your beloved bat to a friend, shipping a baseball bat requires care. As mentioned above, choosing the correct box is essential to avoid damage during shipping. Given below are some guidelines that can help you select the right box to ship baseball bats: 

  1. Size 

The size of the shipping box should be according to the length and width of your baseball bat(s). The best way is to note down the measurements from all the sides and then add two inches on each side. 

  1. Material

The quality of the box material matters a lot. Corrugated cardboard offers the best protection against abrasion or scratches. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing pillows, and honeycomb packing paper are some essentials to keep your bat from getting damaged during transit. 

  1. Correct Labelling

Improper tagging could result in misunderstandings during transportation. A mislabeled package can be lost very easily. So, it is imperative to confirm whether all the shipping details are accurate and readable before shipping the box. 

Conclusion for Home Run Delivery: How to Ship A Baseball Bat

Figuring out how to ship a baseball bat shouldn’t be that difficult. It is as simple as shipping any other object! Choose the right packing material, wrap your bat snugly, and ensure correct labeling on the package. 


What is the most cost-effective way of shipping baseball bats?

If you are searching for a pocket-friendly route for the shipment, Parcel Path with both UPS and USPS is the most affordable.  

Which material should be used for a shipping box?

The most recommendable materials used in the shipment of the baseball bat are hard plastic or corrugated cardboard. Cardboards are eco-friendly and pocket-friendly but are less durable than hard plastic. On the other hand, hard plastic boxes are more expensive. 

Can I carry the bat on a flight?

You can take them along with you on the plane, but before that, it is checked at the airport separately, not with your luggage, as bats can be weaponized.

Can multiple baseball bats be shipped in one box?

Yes, shipping multiple baseball bats in one box is allowed, but make sure they are properly packed. It is best to wrap them individually and then place them in the box to avoid damage. Moreover, add adequate padding so that the bats do not move around inside the box.

How long does it take for the baseball bat to reach its destination?

The delivery time varies depending on the destination and the shipping carrier. 2-7 business days are required for domestic shipments, whereas international shipments may require more time, 7-21 business days, due to distance and customs clearance formalities.

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