How To Hang Baseball Bats On Wall?

Hang Baseball Bats On Wall

For baseball enthusiasts, baseball isn’t just a game; it is a way of life! Many fans live and breathe the game, and what better way to display your love for the sport than to hang your favorite baseball bats on the wall? 

Well-displayed baseball bats, whether your own or signed bats from your favorite players, can increase the aesthetics of any room! There are multiple ways to display your prized possessions, but they are still difficult to hang on the wall. So here are a few ways to hang your baseball bats on the wall without the fear of them dropping at any time! 

Glass/Acrylic Display Case

Everything looks better in clear, shiny glass! There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to put your baseball in a glass casing. 

Firstly, find a secure location. Make sure it is high enough to fit the bat horizontally and is above the reach of children or pets, as the edges can be sharp. If it is not, make sure to child-proof the corners. If you have children or pets, it is preferable to use an acrylic display case. Glass and acrylic cases are available in different sizes. You can even get them custom-made according to your requirements. 

Once you have the size down, measure your baseball case and mark it accordingly on the wall. Screw the metal hangers that come with it at the back and nails on the marked walls. Now, place the metal hangers on the nails. This is the most secure way to put a display case as the metal hangers fit perfectly on the nails and wouldn’t budge anywhere. 

Glass or acrylic casings have multiple advantages. These are:

  • The baseball bat doesn’t collect any dust. 
  • The bats are safe from the environment inside the box; therefore, the box can be hung outdoors without the fear of water damage. 
  • If it’s a signed bat, it will help preserve the signature. It is also going to make it last longer without looking rusty. 

Despite the advantages, glass or acrylic casing is an expensive option. And they are heavier than other wall mounts; therefore, they require screws and nails to be fastened securely. 

Baseball Bat Brackets

Another excellent choice for wall mounting a baseball bat is a bracket. There are various brackets specifically designed for baseball bats to help them hang securely on the wall. They are commonly available in L shape. But other shapes like “comb” shape, where you can put the ball on top, are also widely available. 

Wall brackets for baseball bats are easy to install. They come in different materials, but wood and steel are the best. To install the bracket, do the following: 

  • Find a place where the bracket can fit vertically. 
  • Mark the top with a pencil and a scale to make sure the brackets are screwed evenly.
  • Drill screws in the wall, ad dowels, and screw the brackets in place.
  • Place the baseball bat on top of the bracket. Now, you can showcase your baseball bats vertically without hassle. 

Although you can use two brackets and display them horizontally, it may scratch your bat; therefore, it is preferred to use the vertical brackets. Some of the pros of brackets are that they are user-friendly, easier to install, do not damage the product, and can also be at reach, unlike the glass display case. However, they are prone to catch dust and can be damaged easily. 

Baseball Bat Hooks

One of the easiest ways to mount your favorite baseball bat on the wall is to use hooks! Although there are specific hooks designed for baseball bats, you can use any hooks available that the bat will fit into. 

You just need two hooks; one will be screwed at the handle of the bat and the other at the barrel of it. The installation process of hooks is very simple. You need to drill screws in the wall and hang the hooks. The baseball bat is usually hung horizontally on the hooks as they are supported by two or three hooks. 

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways of hanging a baseball bat on the wall. Hooks are also the cheapest way to mount a bat on the wall. Unfortunately, most of the hooks do not support big barrels, so the hooks fit only a certain size of the baseball bat. Easy to install doesn’t mean they will last long; the screws can get undone, causing the bat to fall.  

Baseball Bat Rack 

There are two types of baseball bat racks: horizontal and vertical. The horizontal bat racks, also called baseball bat tubes, are mainly made of wood. They come in various designs, from simple one-bat racks to multitier racks in which you can place your bat horizontally on each hook. They come with a space for the ball, and some even have hooks at the bottle for jerseys and baseball caps. These racks are well built and allow easy organization as they have a designated place for every item. 

The vertical bat rack is similar in features to the horizontal rack. However, the vertical rack holds the baseball bat from the handle, just below the knob. It comes in a curved shaped structure. The balls can be put above, and the bats hang down vertically like the brackets. The vertical rack is preferred if the bats are in use every day so they can easily be picked up.

Both the designs vary from one another, and they can come in multiple shapes and sizes. For installation, both need some screws and a drill, and the process is simple. However, unlike the glass case, baseball bats in vertical or horizontal bat racks can get dusty. 

Conclusion for How To Hang Baseball Bats On Wall

There are multiple ways to hang baseball bats on the walls, notably glass or acrylic box cases, bat brackets, hooks, and bat racks. All the wall mounts differ from each other in their requirements. 

If a person wants to showcase the baseball bat, the best bet is to use a glass case. However, if they want something that will allow them to organize all their baseball equipment in one place, a baseball bat rack is better. 

Similarly, renters would prefer to use hooks to display their baseball bats instead of a glass casing as it is easier to move around and less expensive. Therefore, the different baseball bat mounts depend on the requirements and preferences of the owner. 


How do I hang the bat on the wall? 

There are different ways to hang a bat on the wall. You can use baseball bat hooks, racks, brackets, as well as a glass case. 

What tools are required to install wall mounts?

Screws/nails, a drill, pencils, measuring/leveling tape, and mounts of your choice are the only tools that are needed to install a baseball bat mount.

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